Tenjinyama World Recipes 【No.10】Vegetarian Curry


紹介者:リリー・サーナック(アーティスト)/Lily  (Artist)

料理名:マシューのベジタリアンカレー(アメリカ)/ Matthew's Vegetarian Curry(America)



Lily Cernak conducted her AIR program at Tenjinyama in Fall 2018.

【滞在者紹介-Resident】 アラン・サーナック&リリー・サーナック / Alan Cernak&Lily Cernak






Born in the United States to her Japanese-American mother, she is a bilingual in English and Japanese.

During her stay at Tenjinyama, while working at her own studio, she also made visits to a local elementary school,

alongside to Mandarake store for her research on Japanese manga and anime.

Here, Lily is kindly sharing her knowledge on tempting vegetarian curry,

which she learned from her significant other, Matthew.





( @Rainysidewalks)。



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For the past year or so I have been writing a light novel! It is an illustrated short story about a man who is supposed to be reincarnated as a turtle, but ends up being sent to purgatory instead. He and others he meets there search together for a way to escape, while also examining what it means to be a good or bad person. I have been posting some preliminary drawings for the light novel (as well as other drawings and cat photos) on my Instagram (@Rainysidewalks).

I have also been teaching a lot online, including online group art classes for kids and online Japanese conversation groups for kids and adults (some classes have special Stay Home pricing!). I've also been making some arts&crafts tutorials for projects that you can make at home!

You can check out my tutorials and classes here!

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・カレーソース(ハウスなどの好きなカレールウ)/ Curry sauce mix (you can choose your favorite pre-made mix!)

・粉末マッシュポテト/  Instant mashed potatoes

・うずら豆(缶詰のリーフライド・ビーンズ/リーフライドのうずら豆)がおすすめですが、缶詰の普通のうずら豆でも大丈夫だよ!缶1本=16oz, 缶1本のうずら豆が一人前のカレーにあたる)/  Pinto beans (1 can of refried pinto beans is best. But 1 can of whole pinto beans is ok too! 1 can = 16 oz; use 1 can of beans per 4 servings of curry)

・グルテンミート、もしくは木綿豆腐(1パッケージ)/  1 package seitan(gluten meat) or firm tofu

・食用油/ Cooking oil

※野菜も加えます!玉ねぎ、赤いピーマン、ブロッコリーがおすすめです。カレーソースのパッケージに、野菜の入れるタイミングなどが書いてあるよ。 / You can also add vegetables if you want! We recommend onions, red bell peppers or broccoli. The curry sauce mix box will tell you when and how to add the vegetables.



1) もし缶詰のリーフライド・ビーンズが見つからないのなら、缶詰のうずら豆をミクサーに入れてすり潰す。カレーを作る前にうずら豆のすり潰しをする。/ If you cannot find canned refried pinto beans, you can purchase canned whole pinto beans and then mash them using a blender. Do this first, before making the curry.


2) それから、いつものようにカレーを作る(が、リーフライド・ビーンズなども入れるから、いつもより大きい鍋を使う)。食べる人数や食べたい分量で、カレーのルウをどれぐらい入れるか決める。カレーソースのパッケージに書いてある指示に従ってカレーを作り始める。(水や食用油の分量や入れ方が書いてある) / Then, begin making curry as you normally would (but use a larger pot than usual since we will be increasing the volume of the curry with the beans). You can decide how much curry you want to make, and then follow the instructions on the curry sauce mix box.The box will tell you how much oil and water to use.


3) カレーソースのルウが完全にお湯で溶かしたら、リーフライド・ビーンズを加える。スパチュラで混ぜながら、弱火で煮込む。カレーとビーンズが完全に混ぜ合わせたようになるまで混ぜる。 / When the curry sauce mix has dissolved completely in the hot water, add the beans. Cook on low heat, breaking up the beans with a spatula until the curry and bean mixture is homogeneous.


4) 10分ぐらい煮込む。煮込んでいるうちに、セイタン/木綿豆腐をさいの目切りにする。 /  Simmer for about 10 minutes. While it is simmering, cut the seitan or firm tofu into small chunks.


5) セイタン/木綿豆腐を入れて、ムラなく加熱しているまで数分混ぜ続ける。 / Add the chopped seitan or tofu, and continue stirring for a few minutes until the mixture is heated evenly.


6) 粉末マッシュポテトを80mL入れる。/ Add 1/3 cup of instant potatoes.


7) レンジの火を消して、完全に混ぜ合わせたようになるまで混ぜる。/ Remove the pot from heat, continue to stir until the mixture is homogeneous again.

自分好みに塩やこしょうなど調味料を入れて、ご飯に載せる! / Season to taste, and serve over rice.


おすすめ:More serving suggestions:

ご飯に載せたら、食べる直前にキューピーやケンコーのマヨネーズを上に! /Garnish it with Kewpie or Kenko mayonnaise just before eating!

半熟卵を載せるのも美味しい! / Serve with an over-easy fried egg on top!