【レポート】アート&ブレックファストDay in 天神山 11月 / [Report] Art & Breakfast Day in Tenjinyama, November



Hello from Tenjinyama in her autumn coat. These days she seems slightly uncomfortable having tickles changing into her winter coat. What is happening to your area in November?



Zoomで世界各地から参加できるようになった『アート&ブレックファストDay in 天神山』。11月は15日(日)に開催されました。

We've just had another 'Art & Breakfast Day in Tenjinyama' session a few days back and it turned out to be such a good time. With this post, we like to take a moment to appreciate some of our favorite moments there!


滞在スタジオで目下制作中のドローイングたちを携え、現地参加してくださったのは、アーティストのNATSUMI SUMITAさん。

At the meeting room, joined among our resident-artists was NATSUMI SUMITA, alongside with an armful of her recent drawings.





Good greetings make a perfect starter at almost every Zoom session. Also look at the joyful piles of NATSUMI's works on her right!








The gathering started as just a few windows on screen, and then those windows grew into eleven as of when the party's over. It's a virtue of Tenjinyama's Art and Breakfast Day that participants come and go just so frankly. That's how open we are and how this event is welcoming to all of those who're taking part in. Let's also note that aside from Japan, our breakfast group had those who were from Taiwan and Korea this time, which brought us a little international morning feast!



Following casual self-introductions, we've had NATSUMI show off her paintings and drawings via zoom.





The Sapporo-born artist studied art practice in the United Kingdom and started her career as an artist right after graduation. SUMITA describes her works as a series of fine-art pieces made with tools/materials that have usually been used for commercial illustrations.

Her works explore several different ideas that might sound familiar to those who have ever found it hard to breathe in today's society. Here are some of the works she shared with us;






In a series called 'Boundary of Lives', her intention is to blur the lines between human lives and other lives, questioning how humans have been prioritized over other living things.







In another series called 'Where We're Born', she questions down where holiness and sacredness we feel at so-called sacred places come from. Throwing back her own experience, where she had hard time finding her high spirits and motivation to make artworks, the artist concludes that those things actually come directly from each of ourselves, who owns those feelings.







Besides, November session was where many art-related conversations came out on the table. Because we had many artists and other professionals in the field of art in the circle, together with some art students, conversations were enhanced by simple yet intriguing questions like "What's the difference between fine art and design?" and "Between fine art and illustration, is the line defining each industry fixed in your region?"





[December session is coming!]

Join our company at the next Art & Breakfast session! The event will be happening from 10:30 am, on Sunday in December. The official date will be announced on Tenjinyama Art Studio's website very soon. We are looking forward to seeing you!

- Report by Chinatsu Igarashi (Staff at Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio)