The open call to residence program 2014 winter : Artist’s report – Helí García


Helí García's Report

I will always remember those strange days I spent trying to make “the biggest snowball ever” with the help of Japanese people. Based on the idea of overcoming the snow by means of the play, my proposal was a process-based project as a reflection on nature, human being and art. The process was fun, frustrating, moving, hard, painful, inspiring, lonely, social and exciting at once.

My project needed interaction with people and I must confess that when I arrived was a little bit surprised by the location of the builtding, a little bit isolated in the neighbourhood. However, after some days I realized there were actually people ready to go up to the centre quite often, thanks to scheduled talks and workshops

Sincerely, I could not comment any negative aspect of my stay in Tenjinyama Art Studio. Facilities, staff and services seem just perfect to me. I believe this experience will have a huge influence on my next work as an artist. However, I am sure the most important present I have taken home is the chance to meet people there. The ones who run the Studio and the Program invite resident artists and local people to join a friendly, generous, collaborative, free and hard-working atmosphere. This is what makes Tenjinyama Art Studio an excellent place to research, create and evolve.

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この先ずっと、あの奇妙な日々を思い出すと思います。私が”The biggest snowball ever”(史上最大の雪玉)を日本のみんなに手伝ってもらいながら作ろうとした日々。雪で遊ぶことで雪を乗り越える、というアイデアをベースにした私の提案は、自然と人間とアートについて反映させた、プロセス(過程)に重きを置いたプロジェクトでした。その過程は、面白くて、イライラして、感動的で、大変で、痛くて、ハッとしたり、孤独で、社会的で、そしてエキサイティングでした。





<Helí García ‐ ヘリー・ガルシア>

1983、グラナダ(スペイン)生まれ。グラナダ大学およびポズナン美術大学(ポーランド)卒業後、作家として制作を始める。 絵画を中心に、その他の表現領域にも一貫した芸術姿勢で取り組む。素材に直接手を加えて生まれる作品は、パーソナルかつグローバルな両面を持ち、そこから表現者としての個人と社会や自然との関わりが浮かび上がる。


今回の滞在では、“Overcome snow”(雪を乗り越える)をテーマにプロジェクトを実施。雪に打ち勝つ最良の方法は、それを楽しみに変えてしまうこと、つまり「雪で遊ぶこと」。世界記録に迫る巨大な雪玉を作ることで「雪で遊ぶこと」を実践しようと試みました。




<Comment from guest coordinator Fumi Saito>

Garcia developed a project on the theme of “Overcome snow”. The best way to overcome snow is to make it fun, or in other words to “play with snow”. He put the “play with snow” idea into practice by trying to make the world’s biggest snowball.

Visiting Japan for the first time, the artist encountered many surprises and new discoveries. The similarity to the artist ofJapanese faces was one of these surprises. Garcia gained inspiration from this experience and repeatedly drew the faces of acouple.

Also, there were many events that were beyond his expectations. Due to the low humidity, Snow in Sapporo is dry and smooth and it is not easy to make a snowball. Garcia took on the challenge of making a snowball by getting help and advice from various people. According to the Bible, God created the earth in seven days. Garcia also made a round snow ball in seven days (However, the snow ball could not be rolled on the seventh day).

Garcia used painting and video to document the creation process of his project and these were shown at Tenjinyama Art studio as an installation work.

Translated by &MOON