2014年度冬 : 国際公募招聘アーティストリポート – Weng Nam Yap

Weng Nam Yap's Report

I enjoyed a lot. This is my first residence program, everything to me is kind of fresh experience because my profession is a graphic designer, usually I work under a brief or solving problems from client, and somehow this residence program provides me a chance and space to have fun with the project, and somehow actually I am here without knowing too much about the art residence and Sapporo, so I am here without stress and enjoy the time creating something freely. People here are nice, and got great help from them for making the work happened, also enjoyed their prepared program like talks, workshops, little trips at Sapporo, and meeting different artists.

Sapporo is actually 'sexy' to me, I like the fact that the nature is close to the city, the mountain, the sea, and the snow has somehow beautifully made up Sapporo or Hokkaido an attractive image to me. But sometimes can be too cold for people like me from a warm country. And Tenjinyama to me is a good place for artists who need a silent place for research and art projects, I can focus very much here and surrounded by the green (but now covered by snow).

I experience more about snow, at least a bit serious, even though I have experienced it previously. The theme of the residence program, the environment, and the workshops make me think more about the snow, because people here has a real deal with snow in Sapporo. The residency is a bit short, there is some challenge, but I am happy to see the work finished at some point and exhibited at the end, at the same time it's interesting to see how other artists create their work, it can be progressive too sometimes especially in a short period, I noticed.

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Photographed by Tomoyuki Kishino






<Weng Nam Yap - ウェンナム・ヤップ>

1986年、クアラルンプール(マレーシア)生まれ。グラフィックデザイナー/メディアアーティスト。日常よく目にするモノや状況に新たな視点を与え、問い続けるような作品を制作している。 ゴグボット・フェスティバル・ヤングブラッド・アワード(2012)、ヨーロッパ・デザイン・アワード(2014)入賞。イタリア、スイス、台湾など、数多くのフェスティバルに招待されるなど、その才能は国際的に評価されている。




<Comment from guest coordinator Fumi Saito>

The artist started his research by trying to “listen to the sound of Sapporo”. Sounds of a water drop from an icicle, shoe soles stepping in the snow and the quietness of a white snowy night.

He also learned how people in Sapporo live with the snow. For example, snow builds up about five meters throughout the year and there are problems removing it. Most adults find the snow problematic yet the children love it.

Snow falls and is visible to us for a short time but drifts away in the end as if problems are melting away. The artist who comes from a country where snow never falls, shared fragments of his conversations with snow with humour and sensitivity.

Translated by &MOON